How to Market Business on Instagram

How to Market Business on Instagram

Do you want your products to reach more people? Do you want to expose your E-commerce company to more audiences? Then Instagram is the platform where you can reach.

Creating a simple page in Instagram and marketing will not work out. If you are new and need a quick guide then this post will definitely help you out. There are some steps to grow your business in instagram. You need to create the account in an attractive way. Now, let’s see the steps on “How to market business in instagram?”

1. Set up your Business Official Instagram Account

If your target is to increase customers to the company, then you need to create a company account apart from your personal account.

Now lets look at how to optimize the account

Include a Link to Boost Traffic to Your Site

In instagram there is a place where you can directly put your website link. You can put your link in your bio. This is the place where the customer directly clicks on the website link.

Dollar Shave Club
Stay Recognizable with a Consistent Name and Photo

You need to choose the account name same as that of other social media accounts name. Choose the name that is easily recognizable.

Keep the profile pic constant. All your engagement in the social media must be accompanied by the thumbnail of your profile pic.

madefreshly icon
Include an Informative and Interesting Bio That Hooks Followers

In order to get more followers you should have a attractive bio. You need to have catchy, informative and attractive bio. Include your company name in the bio and also the description of your company should be included.

Keyword insertion in bio doesn’t matter as bio information is not searchable. Keep updating bio according to changes, new products, and offers. You can insert a link of your campaign.

2.Avoid Hard Selling to Appeal to Instagram’s Social Culture

It is known fact that, a customer influencer is his friend. So you need to have stunning photos of your products. You should not shout about your products. Products images must speak everything about the product.

Photos do not compel the customer to buy the product. So keeping attractive photos will be good. Get creative wtih the photos you keep in instagram.

DSW product photo

The above image is the example photo of instagram. Size the photo to a professional quality.

3. Expand your reach with #hashtags

There are lot of posts posted every second. Your post might disappear quickly. So in order avoid this, use hashtags after writing a post.

These hashtags group your posts into community with the help of keyword, when the user searches for the keyword then it gets displayed. So it stays forever. There is also higher chance of discoverability for your post.

Do reasearch about the keywords related to your company and use those keywords as hashtags. Include popular and trending tags. Write about 5 hashtags. Writing too many hashtags makes it look like a spam image.

4. Collaborate and @mention others

Collaborate with other similar companies and tag them in your posts and also mention others by tagging them. Tagging others will increase the reach of your post to the audience.


5. Boost Engagement on Instagram to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Keep on engaging with the customers. Having thousands of followers doesnot mean anything. You should have loyal customers.

How to maximize engagement?

Write Active, Inviting Captions

Though you post an attractive photo of the product, without caption it is incomplete. So find related and attractive captions for your post.

Include call to action in order to keep audience engaged to the post. Posing questions to followers is also one of the tricks to strengthen engagement.


Keep the caption short. Followers will not scroll down to see the full caption. Make it look interesting so that audience get hooked.

Jumpstart Your Instagram Engagement with Contests

Announce prizes or gifts to the loyal customers and conducting contests to attract new customers. Announce the winner in contest and

Conduct Give Away Contests

Select the products that represent your brand and create a giveaway contest. Post the photo of the giveaway product.

izzi gadgets contest 2

Announce the winner and post a photo on congratulating the winner. And dont run the contest if there are less followers for your comapny account.

izzi gadgets contest 3
Respond to Notifications and Shout Out to Followers

Just posting the content is not enough. You need to respond to the comments and messages sent by the followers. Thank the people for tagging you.

6. Analyze your success and build on it

Find the people who interact most with your brand and also evaluate the loyal customer details. Track the engagement and frequency of posting should be according to it. Post on the in which most of your followers are active. Post on a consistent schedule. Use some tools to prepare the posting calendar. These are the guidelines on how to market business on Instagram

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