Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Meta Descriptions

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Meta Descriptions

Writing meta descriptions can be good on page seo and few people knew that. Many think that content optimization and backlinks are only ranking factors. But there are many other factors. One of them is meta descriptions
Let us see the mistakes to avoid when writing meta descriptions:

Duplicating meta description

 Though you will not be penalized for duplicating the meta description, it is important to use unique meta descriptions for better rankings.

When duplicate tags are used, Google gets confused and your SERP’S rankings will go down. Users also get confused and may not open the page. If unique meta description tags are used, traffic to the site increases and also CTR increases.

If you are unable to write meta descriptions, then Google will generate them for you. You can also have a template for meta descriptions and change a word to get unique meta descriptions. This is one of the mistakes to avoid in eta description.

Focusing on character count

Meta descriptions can be any length, but the recommended length is ~300 characters (this limit increased in December 2017). It is better to keep meta descriptions long enough and sufficiently descriptive, so recommended descriptions length is between 50–300 characters.

Always remember that Google does not always display manually assigned meta descriptions. Some times, it generates unique, longer descriptions by simply selecting a relevant piece of content from a page.

In other words, don’t waste time thinking about the number of characters needed in meta descriptions.

Not using keywords

You should include the keywords in your meta description. When the user searches the keyword then there is a chance that Google displays your page. Take care that the keywords used in the meta description are relevant to the content on the page.

For example, while searching for productivity tips, I found below description:

Google pulled the first sentence with the keyword “productivity” in it. It is because the page’s meta description is: “From Eric Schmidt to Danny Meyer: How super successful, super busy entrepreneurs organize their day.”

Though this meta description is creative, it looks and feels like a title. Plus, it does not feature any keywords related to either “productivity” or “tips.”

Not optimizing for rich snippets

You should optimize your data in order to stand first.

Look at the example:

You can also use schema markups such as

  • Review
  • Aggregate Review
  • Product
  • Offer
  • Place
  • Local Business
  • Person
  • Event
  • Creative Work

If you are not aware then take the help of google. There are other platforms like

  • Schema Markup Generator
  • The Ultimate Web Code Generator
  • Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Writing boring descriptions

Writing descriptions brings out the talent in you. This is the major mistake to avoid. You should write unique, attractive descriptions to attract customers. Below are the tips for writing descriptions:-

Be specific in what you are offering

Writing everything on the landing page is not possible. But be specific in what you write. You should expect the customer needs and try to put them on the landing page.

Make your customers curious

You should use some of the attractive words such as only today, act now, limited, lifetime opportunity etc. Use incomplete and question mark sentences to make them curious.

Use symbols or numbers

Along with the text, you should use numbers to drag the attention of the customer. Include price details offer valid till etc.

Include a call-to-action

Using curious words as a call to action will draw customers attention. You can use words like Discover now, Act now etc.

Talk about them, not about you

Don’t talk about the company or how different is your company from others. You should talk about the products and their features. This is one of the mistakes to avoid when writing meta descriptions.

Avoiding tables for answering queries

Create a table and specify the details of the product. Due to this google search engine will display your page on top.

Not setting up structured data

You can provide reviews if you have any.

You can display your company logo in SERP’S. Due to these, you get more customers.

You can also have structure like shown below:

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